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Voluson SWIFT is designed to simplify every touch, every interaction. With touchscreen operation and a select group of most frequently used hard keys, Voluson SWIFT incorporates the same intuitive functionality as the devices we use every day.



Designed for today’s busy practitioners, Voluson SWIFT can help remove some of the obstacles that consistently slow you down. By leveraging the power of artificial intelligence and automated tools, the system can save you valuable time on acquisition, analysis, and reporting for routine and detailed exams.



With Voluson SWIFT, it is easy to reduce the daily distractions that can interfere with your true focus—your patients. The system is highly customizable, offering specialty applications and packages designed to match your specific clinical focus. Make it yours by personalizing menus, workflow settings, and individualizing user presets.

Define Value


When you buy an ultrasound system, you should expect more. More services. More support. More partnership.  Voluson SWIFT delivers with an affordable ultrasound that’s built for the future, with flexible service options and security and privacy features. Become part of the family with Voluson Club a community dedicated to Voluson users.

Voluson SWIFT Fast Facts

Artificial Intelligence

Future focused tools that automatically identify structures, saving valuable time on acquisition, analysis, and reporting.

Gesture-Driven Touch

Simple touchscreen navigation that incorporates the same intuitive functionality, customization and personalization as the devices we use every day.

Voluson Core Architecture

The powerful base architecture that provides exceptional imaging performance and future system advancements.

Volume Technologies

A comprehensive suite of 3D/4D features enables easy volume acquisition, interaction, and display.

Explore Voluson SWIFT in a Whole New Dimension

Interact with our latest ultrasound system and see key features come to life through our unique 3D augmented reality experience. Just scan the QR codes with your mobile phone or tablet.

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Clinical Segments


From early pregnancy to birth, the health of an expectant mother and her fetus is your priority. That’s why at GE Healthcare, we make it our priority to ensure extraordinary imaging at every stage of pregnancy to confidently assess fetal anatomy and detect abnormalities earlier than ever before. Designed specifically for Women’s Health, the Voluson SWIFT ultrasound system features innovative technologies, automated tools, and simplified workflow, enabling you to make clinical decisions with greater confidence.

HDlive Fetal Face

Polycystic Kidneys

HD-Flow Aortic Arch 

HD-Flow Uterus

Stimulated Ovary

3D Rendering 12-Week Fetus

Technology That Transforms

The Way You Work

We create Voluson ultrasound solutions to enhance the relationship between clinical partners and patients, and work relentlessly to break new ground in innovation.


A suite of imaging tools that harnesses the power of AI and takes Scan Assistant to the next level by automatically identifying fetal anatomy seen on standard OB views.

*SonoLyst incorporates the AI technology of Intelligent Ultrasound


An Edison AI technology that uses deep learning technology to help properly align and display the recommended views and measurements required for fetal brain assessment.

HDlive™  Technologies

A combination of advanced 3D skin illuminating and shadowing techniques to display images with unprecedented depth and clarity.

Uterine Trace

An advanced 3D feature that acquires the volume and displays the coronal view by simply tracing the endometrium linking directly to the Uterine Classification tool for easy documentation of uterine shape.

SonoAVCfollicle & SonoAVCantral

Sonography-based Automated Volume Count follicle/antral automatically calculates the number, dimensions, and volume of hypoechoic structures for follicle monitoring or antral follicle count.

Flow Profiles

Flow Profiles

A single key touch Doppler optimization feature for color and spectral Doppler which adjusts imaging parameters and selects the associated calculation package.

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Tap. Swipe. Pinch.

Welcome to a radically different user experience. Instead of rows of buttons and knobs, most of your work is done on a simple touchscreen. Using common touch gestures, Voluson SWIFT reflects the same intuitive functionality and familiarity of the devices we use every day. On-screen guidance and helpful prompts also make it easy to use and easy to learn. The system even takes the effort out of 3D with tools like Uterine Trace, which automatically extracts the coronal view in just a few steps..

You can also explore the features here on your desktop computer

Just scan the QR code with your device

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Make Voluson SWIFT Your Own

Personalized menus, workflow settings, presets. Voluson SWIFT is designed to adapt to you – not the other way around.
The system also offers specialized features and packages to match your specific area of clinical practice.

See what’s available on Voluson SWIFT and how you can configure your own system then request a quote.


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With Tricefy™ inside your Voluson, you can share images instantly with patients, and colleagues as well as archive your clips, images and reports securely. Patients enjoy a seamless experience through the Tricefy Patient App.

Voluson Club

Voluson Club

Empowering you to do more. Join the Voluson Club, our ultrasound community dedicated to the education and collaboration of women’s health providers like you.

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